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Catalina Omni

Activate shoppers with targeted and personalised promotional offers, both in-store and digitally.

Targeted and personalised promotional offers, available everywhere

of re-purchase on average 6 months after a campaign
2 to 3x more incremental sales vs non-targeted operations (measured by IRI & Nielsen)

Why use Catalina Omni?

Targeting and personalising

offers based on purchase behaviour data

Massive multi-channel reach

through our retail partners, both in-store and digitally

Flexible customer journey

that allows us to engage them where they are most receptive: in preparation for a trip or in shop

Impact and ROI measurements of campaigns

based on real purchase data

How does Catalina Omni work?

  • 1.

    Creation of the targeting

    according to your marketing objectives

  • 2.

    Setting up the campaign

    calibration of offers, allocation of distribution channels

  • 3.

    Omnichannel distribution

    of offers on all available point of sale and digital channels

  • 4.

    Use of the offer

    by coupon or automatic validation

  • 5.

    Impact measurements

    of the exposed groups compared to the control groups

First steps with Catalina Omni

Our experts are at your disposal to discuss the deployment of Catalina Omni to improve your performance.

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