Working with retailers 
& manufacturers for
​over 30 years

Created in 1983 in the United States, Catalina is a global pioneer in the enhancement of customer knowledge.

We offer relationship marketing solutions for retailers and manufacturers to increase sales and strengthen customer loyalty.

 Catalina has a dual expertise, unique in the market, based on the analysis of purchase behaviour combined with the ability to offer personalized content on omni-channel platforms.

This dual expertise guarantees manufacturers & retailers maximum performance.

Catalina also offers shoppers efficient solutions to assist them right through their shopping journey, before and during shopping


Personalised offers available on key retailer website.


Access to Personalised offers through mobile devices.

In Store

Targeted coupons delivered individually at checkout in a network of over 30,000 points of sale in retail stores across the UK.

Catalina in the world

1 400 employees in the world, 400 in Europe, 250 in France and Benelux.

Catalina in the world


Established in the UK in 1992, we now have  offices in Reading and Leeds.  50 employees work with leading UK retailers on a wide range of loyalty initiatives and we work with over 130 brands to develop loyalty solutions.


The French subsidiary  has been created in 1994 and is the biggest European market. The office, based in Boulogne Billancourt (South west of Paris) gathers 200 people  and developed partnership with retailers and manufacturers. Since 2012, Catalina also offers web and mobile personalised offers.


The Italian branch was founded in 1999. It’s located in Milan, with a team of 50 employees supporting a growing number of leading CPG Brands and Retailers through personalised and measurable campaigns.


The German subsidiary of Catalina Marketing was founded directly after the abolishment of the German law against direct rebates (2003). From the beginnings with 3 founders we have grown to team of 50 highly motivated people who serve our clients out of the FMCG – Industry and Food retail. In more than 4.000 stores our targeted Catalina campaigns are executed perfectly adapted to the individual consumer needs. Since 2014 we are covering as well the mobile distribution channel for our activities and build our local expertise. Our Office is located in Bad Homburg in the north of Frankfurt / Main.


Funded in 2005, Catalina Benelux is located in the French headquarters in Boulogne Billancourt. Our clients are amongst the major retailers in Belgium and Netherlands. For them, 50 people are developing and running innovative Omni channel solutions to engage their customers.

catalina was founded in 1983

Our founders invented the Checkout Coupon to help retailers and brands to reach consumers more efficiently, and develop brands and retailers preference.

In the 90’s Catalina developed fast and expanded internationally in Europe and Asia 

In the 2010’s: Catalina  Created Omnichannel Reach

The company acquired Modiv media (m-commerce solution) and invented ‘BuyerVision’ to help CPG retailers and brands efficiently target their most valuable consumers through display, video, and mobile advertising.

Today: Personalized Digital Media

Catalina’s ever-evolving networks, shopper insights and capabilities give us an unparalleled ability to personalise the consumer’s path to purchase through our mobile, online and in-store networks.

• Mobile Display & Video Network : Reaching 70 MM households/month
• Online Display & Video Network : Reaching 50 MM households
• In-Store Media Network: Influencing over 260 MM U.S. shoppers/month

Catalina ‘s Headquarter is  based in St Petersburg (Florida) and has 900 employees.  Nine offices throughout the country allow proximity with CPG retailers and brands.

the japan subsidiary was created in 1999

It’s based in Tokyo and has 120 employees. Since its establishment, we have been achieving high growth and working with about 40 retailers and 100 manufacturers.  

Also, Catalina Marketing Japan has developed multichannel solutions, coupon website and mobile coupon application since 2013 and moving forward to implement omni-channel solutions. 

They trust us

Manufacturers, Retailers, Media Partners, Catalina helps many clients in the UK.

Providing solutions to more than 130 leading brands across all sectors of consumer goods.
We support leading retail clients across multiple shopping channels including supermarkets, online and convenience stores.


William FAIVRE
William FAIVRE
Président International

William leads our European activities, and  is a member of the Catalina Corporation Executive Committee. William is focused on our strategic initiatives and our digital transformation. He joined Catalina in the start up phase and contributed to our success story and our leading position on the European market.
Prior to Catalina, William was already in CPG Marketing and data in companies such as Nielsen and L’Oréal.

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